Monday, April 26, 2010

Mates rates to Kangaroo Island

At 3:45am on the morning I was leaving with mates for my annual Easter trip to Kangaroo Island, I said to myself – Hope this is worth it and worth it, it was… The early morning road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide to Kangaroo Island was long-sleepy-confusing-muddling but ultimately interesting. Between the ferry rides, the stop over’s and the dry terrain we managed to have conversations form arranged marriages to financial crises and outsourcing. In between we also debated about following the Navman or the tourist maps resulting in the human brain triumphing technology (no pun intended – if anything this is complimentary – in all seriousness). Kangaroo Island isn’t obviously picturesque but does have some scenic wonders – Like the ‘Little Sahara’. One cannot help but marvel at the sand dunes, the sheer scale of the place, is more than you can absorb. It is here where we sand boarded and attempted sand surfing, and was fun to see everyone sliding down. The sand dunes is a rarity of an experience which will linger on for a long, a very long time. The milieu was insanely surreal and the experience – kick ass! The Remarkable rocks was not as much an overwhelming experience for me as it was for the rest (if anything - the light house, the strong winds, the small distant islands reminded me of “Shutter island”) But never have I seen so many seals at one place in my lifetime. Having said that - the unique rock formations where oddly engaging.
But the real scene stealer’s where - Quad Biking and Kayaking. Quad biking was a real adrenaline rush, the combination of speed and abandon is a high, which is ‘As good as it gets’. But, the Quad biking was marred by a friend’s mishap – regardless – everyone’s spirits where high and the experience was thumping. But for me - Kayaking was the very best, still new to the techniques and with the support of a very gentle river, Kayaking truly made my day! In fact it made my trip! There was a moment in the middle of the river, where the stretch of the water met the eye and the quiet of the surroundings added to the experience – that was a high point and something that I took away from the trip. I will not overstate and say that Kangaroo Island was the best trip ever, but certainly- memorable.
Everyone seemed to have a good time – Whilst one friend spotted a UFO another was flirting with the quad bike lady and wanted to ride the Quad bike to Melbourne. One friend made delicious pancakes for breakfast (thanks for that) whilst another was well travelled and shared great insights. One friend did rise even before the sun, one always took care of things and another enjoyed their whiskey. I enjoyed it all and the food was great -pancakes for breakfast, Chicken and ricotta burgers for lunch, green curry for dinner – throw in Carlton Club (the best scotch as far as I am concerned)-ridiculously good! This go-for-broke trip was fun coz of the group dynamics – the ring leaders, the mid fielders and the quarter backs, everyone made this a good (syntax-game) trip. Now will we say – Kangaroo Island – been there done that – nah – we l say – “Been there done everything”.