Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 - At the Movies

This year has not been particularly exciting - but at the movies - for a price of a ticket, there were some good times. Here are this year's top ten movies.

1. Inception – Imagination unleashed. There is so much to savor in this marvel of a movie (swift editing, stunning photography, music that transcends dreams and a cast to die for).

But at its core this is a story about things so simple yet so poignant – the love of a son for a dying father, friendships, redemption, of second chances and above all the power of mind. The action scenes are dynamite, the freight train in the middle of a busy street, zero gravity fights or the chase scene in Mombasa.

I will happily take on any cynic who would undermine the accomplishment of this great movie. As a movie junkie – I have new found respect for the chicanery and illusion of Christopher Nolan – this is full blown entertainment.

2. Social Network – The last scene of this movie hits you hard enough to knock you down sideways. This movie shows us what we have become, a generation who substitutes social networking for direct communication. We all hide behind our own created pages and look for any human contact online. Sorkin’s razor sharp dialogues cuts deep, this is a movie about human frailty, ambition, power and deep insecurities.

In one scene the associate lawyer says –“Mark, you are not an asshole! You are just trying hard to be one” – aren’t we all?

3. Green Zone – A ballsy movie that dishes it to the disingenuous dirt bags in the Bush administration. Director Paul Greengrass take on the Iraq war is incredibly moving, the rapid fire action scenes in the rugged landscape are visceral and adrenalin thumping.

4. Toy Story 3 – Coming off age has never been so bitter sweet, this Pixar wonder is not just about our true love (and fidelity) with consumerism, this digs deep – anyone who has left home for college will know what I mean.

5. The Fighter – A triumphant boxing movie – may not be “great” as ‘Raging Bull’ – but the visceral boxing scenes and real time feel is explosive. A big shout out to Christian Bale, Mark Whalberg and Amy Adams for their performances – it’s like lighting explosive dynamite.

6. Scott Pilgrim vs the world Edgar Wrights video game movie is funny, smart, sharp and so dam cool. The Nintendo style fights and video game references are mixed with witty dialogue and excellent photography – Super cool.

7. 127 Hours Danny Boyles follow up to the Oscar winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is a haunting movie about man verses nature. James Franco performance shows us the pain and endurance under the most extreme circumstances with a will to survive. The cinematography in this movie is blow your brains kind with a killer soundtrack by Rehman.

8. DabangSalman Khan’s career defining performance and Muni Badnaam – good times.

9. Peepli Live – A smart-sad-funny-satirical-grim-honest movie. Best line 'Jaib dalindar dil hai samandar'...oh the India I miss is way too good.

10. Animal Kingdom & True Grit – Shot on the streets of Melbourne where the suburban streets are empty and crime lurks where unexpected, this is a character study of not just criminals but also crime. Animal Kingdom is undoubtedly the best Australian film I have ever seen.

I have not seen ‘True Grit’ yet but the idea of the quirky Cohen brothers and Jeff Bridges a.k.a “The Dude” from ‘The Big lebowski’ reuniting is got to be good – I am sold on this movie.