Friday, July 23, 2010

Warped-raptured -insanely sick – Inception is a masterpiece.

Come on, go ahead – say it, I can almost hear it, what the hell was going on this movie - it’s too complex - dint know what was happening - who’s sub conscious are we in now and who’s dream is this.

Like a dynamite exploding, Inception doesn’t destruct in shock and awe rather it becomes a spectacle that is devastatingly entertaining. This corporate espionage about dream stealing and planting is like a zero gravity experience where the movie transposes you - and gives you a kick - and you never know whether you where in a dream or in a movie.

I aint sayin no more, watch it for yourself and enjoy for what it is - an action blockbuster.

If you are going to carp that the movie is cerebral, convoluted and to smart of its own good, then no offense – with all due respect – you deserve to be dumb down by Transformers where logic is a bad joke.

Or be frazzled by the deplorable Twilight franchise where a vampire glitters in gold and believes in abstinence (seriously, come on, WTF – watch “True blood” instead it is for grownups, the real deal, there are fangs, fang bangers and the moral arc of a vampire is as dark and twisted as humans).

The blogs have gone ballistic – few rabidly critiquing the movie, some viscerally defending it and most honestly calling – “a spade for a spade” – and saying what the movie really is – a masterpiece. (The New York Times gave a scathing review and people are almost fighting on the website).

The action scenes will blow your brains out - a street in Paris turning on its head, buildings falling bit by bit, shattered glasses, explosions in a cafe, stairs, bridges shifting, changing, an avalanche, a truck blazing through the middle of the street, shoot outs in car reverse all in an intertwined layered dreams.

It is technically brilliant - Hans Zimmer’s music is kick ass, stellar cinematography, and the visual effects and CGI look as real as it can possibly be in a dream.

A Knockout ensemble – DeCaprio is Cobb ‘The Extractor’ his performance is as good as - or maybe even better - than ‘The Departed’ or ‘Shutter Island’. Cillian Murphy is a stand out as Fisher ‘The Mark’.

Marion Cotillard is Mal ‘The Shade’, devilish and equally sexy, Ellen Page is sublime as Ariadne ‘The Architect’ , Joseph Gordon Levitt as Arthur gets to do the best stunts ‘The Point man’ (the zero gravity fight scene in the hotel is mind blowing) and then there is Ken Watanabe as Saito a.k.a ‘The Tourist’ who is dam cool.

But the best character is Eames, Tom Hardy as ‘The Forger’, who shape shifts within dreams, shoots a bazooka and has a quirky sense of humour.

Credit to Nolan for not jumping on the 3D bandwagon, IMAX is way more real and effective.

3D doesn’t work for every movie, it did for “Avatar” as 3D was also a character in the movie and it was strategically used as a product placement, which now has become “Avatar’s” brand equity.

Director Christopher Nolan has an impressive resume, every movie he has made is either unique (Insomnia, Batman Begins, Prestige) or outstanding (Memento, Dark Knight). Inception falls in the latter – Nolan has my respect.

In the movie Cobb says that an idea is the most resilient parasite, the movie isn’t– it’s infectious.

For all you know the movie could be Cobbs dream or even Saito. The ending could be a reality or maybe a dream or maybe that was the Inception, where an idea was planted for closure, redemption, it is all up for debate and interpretation.

And you know what I really don’t care, this is what I paid $22 for and I was high on its trip.

I strongly recommend it:

Give Inception – “cart-e-blanche” and the result is a “tour-de-force”.